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The April Show!

Friday, April 4th, 2014 - 8:00PM

Spring has sprung and we want to celebrate! Kitsch In Sync brings you our April show with aplomb and a-plump! We'll have games, stories, and laughs. This show will also be a SPECIAL FUNDRAISER for one of our members, Erin Kinney. She's running in the Boston Marathon and needs all the funds she can raise for Horizons for Homeless Children. So we'll feature special games where you can pay to torment your favorite Kitsch-In-Sync-er! So bring your dollars and prepare to make it rain!

For this show only, our ticket price is $10. All ticket proceeds go to Horizons for Homeless Children.

The Castlebar in Oak Square, Brighton: $10 adults (over 21s only)

Kitsch in Sync performs monthly, usually the first Friday, at the The Castlebar 575 Washington St, Brighton.

This lovely venue is in a friendly countryside pub, deep in the heart of inner city Brighton. It serves beer and the seats won't make your arse cheeks go to sleep. Huzzah! Get directions here.


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